July 27 – Halifax to Moncton, New Brunswick – Air Cadets – then to Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

The first flight today was from Halifax to Moncton for a stop to visit the Air Cadets training at Moncton Flying Centre. The Arrow was already fueled so it was a quick walkaround then off we went.

Jon had flown with me when he was a little boy and now he jumped it to check out the Arrow. Many years ago I took him flying in a Piper.

For departure it was Runway 14, the opposite of our landing runway. So it was another long taxi past the terminal for departure.

From this view you can see where we were at the FBO at the very far end of the runway off to the right.

The soil around here is quite red and consequently the river water is red. With the extreme tides in the Bay of Fundy and the red river water, Moses might have wondered what was going on.

After landing at Moncton we taxied to the Moncton Flight Centre. The flying school was as busy here as they were in Fredericton with international students. This school was also training the Air Cadets for their Private Pilot Licence so we met with them for a chat then it was out to the Arrow for a photo.

A short while later we were off on another uneventful flight from Moncton to Charlottetown.  It was another over water flight across the Northumberland Strait. Our route of flight had us passing directly over the Confederation Bridge. Pilots have to be aware of the restricted airspace surrounding the bridge up to 500 feet. You can check out CYR 754.

Charlottetown airport was also under construction; the east-west runway 10/28 was closed for paving. For our arrival it was Runway 21 then a long taxi past the terminal to the Charlottetown Flying Club at the south end of the runway.

We welcomed the taxi ride to the boutique hotel, a good meal, and a good night’s rest.