July 16 – Connecting with past Friends and Relatives

Valerie had been on Facebook and met up with her cousin Randie whom she hadn’t seen in many years. They had grown up together as little girls in Hamilton and, as it happens with many families, drifted apart for no particular reason as life happens. We made a special effort to visit cousin Randie in Hamilton, and her friend Eddie.

Randie has a special interest in cats. In her back yard she has an elevated hot tub and in the space around the tub has created a home away from home for cats that happen by. Randie makes sure that there are enough blankets for the cats to cuddle up in and puts out enough food to keep them well fed.

I think Eddie is the one behind the actual construction of this inner-city oasis.

Randie insisted that she take a photo with our Canada Flag.


I also had made a connection on Facebook with someone from the past. I had worked as a flight instructor in Hamilton during the late 70’s and one of my students reached out a couple of years ago to connect. We met 37 years ago when Dave Nusca was my student for most of his training. Dave had all of his pilot training completed and considered a career in aviation, however he chose to have a career in the steel industry of Hamilton. Like many people, life happens, you get married and have a family and your interest change. Dave was away from aviation for many years and has now retired. Now with more time on his hands, he has recently returned to aviation and is the proud owner of a Rockwell Commander 114, flying as much as he can.

We met up with Dave, and his wife Lorie, at their lovely home in Hamilton. You can tell you have a good friend when many years past by since you last saw them and when you do meet it seem like it was no so long ago that you shared your life experiences. So today, we shared a meal and had a wonderful time chatting about past times flying, our families, and what may lie ahead in the future. I would like to think that we will meet again in the not too distant future.