July 14 – Burlington, Ontario

We spent a few days taking a break from the travelling and flying to spend a little time in Ontario where Valerie and I were grew up. With Canada being such a big country and people moving from place to place, it’s always worthwhile spending time catching up with friends and relatives.

Valerie’s brother Bill, and his wife Provie, live in Burlington so we spent most of the day enjoying their company. For a nostalgic tour of the Burlington area we drove past houses and neighbourhoods of years long past. It is always interesting to see how things that you remember from your youth change and evolve, and sometimes disappear.

At the western end of Lake Ontario, the lakeshore at Burlington has been nicely developed into a very enjoyable family park. From this view one is looking eastward on Lake Ontario which stretches for about 160 nautical miles. The lake is as big as some salt water seas. As a comparison, Lake Ontario is about two thirds the length of Vancouver Island. That’s a lot of fresh water.

Valerie was walking along the pathway and about 10 minutes after this photo was taken she stumbled on some raised up concrete and hurt her knees.

Let’s hope the discomfort doesn’t last too long and take away from the enjoyment of the journey.

It was then off to Mother Tucker’s where we ate far too much, again.