July 23 – Fredericton to Halifax, Nova Scotia

Our early Sunday morning departure from Fredericton to Halifax has us looking forward to a very pleasant flight in clear skies.

The flying school at Frederiction is very active with a fleet of Diamond DA 20 aircraft and Piper Seminoles. They operate 24/7 training future pilots for an airline in China. The students are housed, study and fly right at the Fredericton airport.

Their maintenance hangar was very busy working on the training fleet. With such a busy schedule the shop works every day.

After takeoff it was a climb to 11,500 feet to take advantage of a tailwind of about 30 knots.

We flew across the Bay of Fundy where they have the highest tides in the world. At the head of the bay the height of the tide can reach over 50 feet; incredible!

Off to the left it was possible to see the end of the bay and easily see the red soil so prevalent in this part of the east coast.

The controllers on our way to Halifax International Airport were very efficient and had us overfly the airport to land on Runway 32. The crossing runway would have been our preference, however there was construction once again that impacted our arrival.

We cleared the runway north of the terminal and had to taxi a very long way to the FBO at the very south end of the airport.

After about a ten minute taxi we made it to Gateway Aviation FBO at the far end of the airport quite some distance from the main terminal. What a great FBO. The had cold water and very cold ice cream to welcome us to Halifax.

This was an upscale FBO catering to aircraft from Pipers and Cessnas to executive jets. Real good service too but their fees reflected the services provided. No problem, we were in good hands.

We planned to spend a few days in Halifax to take a bit of a break and visit with my nephew, Jon and his wife Linda.

I phoned Jon and the line man gave him directions to the FBO. The FBO is quite a ways south of the main terminal and I wouldn’t have had a clue on how to get there. A short time later, the Arrow was fueled , parked and tied down, and Jon was there to take us on our way.