July 19 – Brantford to Cornwall then to St. Hubert, Quebec

Today we left Brantford and continued our journey eastward to Cornwall. Toronto Terminal kept us low at 2000 feet then were switched to City Centre Tower.

Due to traffic departing westbound  we were asked to remain north of the CN Tower and descend to 1500 feet. That routing gave us a view of the observation deck as we flew past the CN Tower. It must have given the folks on the observation deck a bit of a surprise.

We continued along the north shore of Lake Ontario past Oshawa and Trenton then along the St. Lawrence River to Cornwall. Approaching Cornwall the radio communications were now bilingual, for eastern Ontario and Quebec.

Cornwall Aviation seemed quite busy with three Piper Seminoles coming and going on a regular basis. Hoping to check the weather on my iPad through their WiFi access, I asked for their password and was informed “No –  we do not give out the password”. That was different and certainly not normal for flying schools or FBOs these days. Not very encouraging customer service. I have received much better customer service and attitude at all other operators visited on the journey across Canada.

We were able to meet up with Barry Franklin at the Cornwall airport. Barry was an Air Cadet in the 1960’s and obtained his pilot licence on a Flying Scholarship as did I. He is also a very active member of COPA for many years.

Cornwall to St. Hubert was a short flight and a quick taxi to Air Richelieu for fuel and parking. The flying school is training the Air Cadets this summer and we met with them and had a photo with the Arrow. It was nice to meet with enthusiastic young men, some we hope will be in the aviation industry for years to come.