July 6 – Aircraft Maintenance

We had a good flight from Parkland, AB to Regina, SK. However, on the arrival to Regina there was an issue with the indications for the landing gear. The system seemed to be running OK, but not quite. An early morning visit to Prairie Flying Service had the aircraft up on jacks in short order.

The Arrow on jacks at Prairie Flying Service

 The system was checked and parts were ordered and should arrive in a day or two. So, we had an opportunity to see some of the sights in Regina.

July 6 – RCMP Depot – Regina

RCMP Depot

I had arranged for a meeting at the RCMP Depot in Regina. That’s where all  RCMP basic training takes place, and other special training as well. Caroline Nadeau, their Media Relations person, met us along with a very smart looking constable in Red Serge. They gave us a tour of the facility and we had a few photo-ops along the way.

This is one of the older building on site. Note the initials for the Royal North West Mounted Police.
Memorial Wall with the names of the officers fallen in the line of duty.


Drill Hall. I am sure that many hours were spent marching to and fro; ya gotta love it.


RCMP Depot entrance.