July 20 – St. Hubert to Quebec City

Quebec is another big province so this leg was all within Quebec.

There were thunderstorms in the area and along our planned route so our departure was delayed to allow them to move on. We stayed low along the Saint Lawrence River and could see the many farm fields that were long and narrow, initially laid out that way to give each farmer access to the river.

The airport at Quebec is one big construction site. The main runway is closed for maintenance and repair. For overnight parking we taxied to AVJet, an upscale FBO with excellent service.

By chance we met up with two men who are flying a Robinson R44 helicopter around the world. We had previously met them a couple of months ago on the other side of the continent. We were parked at customs at the Bellingham, Washington airport and the landed and were parked next to us. We shared stories of what they were doing and what we planned to do but never guessed that we would meet up again at an airport many, many miles away.

Quebec City is a very special place in Canada. Some of the buildings are well over 400 years old. We enjoyed our dinner in one such place.

The evening was nice and warm but the sky was overcast and quite ominous so we went for a walk around the city knowing that we might get a little wet and have to take shelter. 

By now the sun was down starting to cool, however, seeing the silhouette Samuel de Champlain assured us that he was still watching over the city and the “New Lands” and all was well.

Sure enough, the rain came and we thought it would be a good time to stroll through the Chateau Frontenac. 

The hotel has an interesting elevated wine cellar at the main floor restaurant. I’m sure there is a much larger wine cellar a few floors below.

I was wondering if soon we might see a little person riding a tricycle.

July 20 – Montreal – Special Family Visit and Air Cadets

The years are going by faster now and we find it even more  important than ever to hold on to family moments. Valerie wanted to visit with her Aunt Marie Paul in Montreal so me made a special effort to meet with her at her seniors residence.  She has a very nice appartment overlooking the Montreal River and she said she was very comfortable and well looked after at this facility. As can be expected at her aunt’s age, there are some medical issues the she is facing but still she is sharp and witty as ever. We were able to have a meal together and discuss the family members of the past, our family in the present, and the new generation of family members on the way.

Special family visit with Valerie’s Aunt Marie Paul.


Air Cadets at St. Hubert Airport

We found there are many way to celebrate Canada 150 and at ChronoAviation, St. Hubert Airport, Montreal, Quebec, they had painted one of their Beech 1900 aircraft with a special Canada 150 paint scheme. I think the paint job looks quite nice.