July 22 – New Brunswick Legislative Building in Fredericton

It was another sunny summer morning for our visit to the legislature building. Our tour guide kindly offered to be our photographer.

The Legislative Assembly of the elected Members. Like other provinces, the photo of the Queen Elizabeth is proudly displayed.

Here is a view of the Lower House from the gallery with our tour guide.

The Canada Flag along with the New Brunswick  Provincial Flag are proudly displayed in a prominent location.

The old Senate Chamber is now a meeting room and is much less decorated than the Lower House.

I found this round desk to be very interesting and I am sure it would be especially interesting if you are a cabinet maker. The desk was in the Senate and was the official signing location of various high level government documents. At the time, there were twelve Senators who would each be required to sign the document. They sat at this table and each had a separate locked drawer for their personal items. Rather than pass the documents from one Senator to the other, the table was design and built to rotate!

What a great idea. King Arthur would be very pleased indeed.

We came across the Canada 150 sign near the Soldier’s Barracks in downtown Fredericton. Many such signs are all across Canada in the major cities.