July 8 – Football Game – Saskatchewan Roughriders vs Hamilton Tiger Cats

The city of Regina has recently build a new facility, Mosaic Stadium, to host the Roughriders and this was only the second game that they have played in the new stadium. There is no parking at the stadium and the city has devised an excellent scheme for transportation. Drive to the local shopping and park your car for free. Hop on the waiting city bus, again free, for a ride directly to the stadium. At the end of the game, buses are again waiting to take you back to the shopping mall and your car. No traffic congestion and all free transportation.

Bob the builder is ready for the game.

Enthusiasm for the Roughriders runs vey high in Regina. Almost everyone was wearing green to support the home team. Of course, Valerie and I were wearing our Canada 150 shirts and boy did we ever stand out from the crowd. Right nest to the stadium is Centennial Park and we went there for burgers and beer. Live country music was playing, there was a marching band and lots of folks were having a good time.

Pretty big flag
Warm-up complete – Let’s do it.

Game On!

July 8 – Saskatchewan Beach

We took a morning drive to explore some of the area north-west of Regina including the communities of Lumsden, Craven, Silton and Saskatchewan Beach.

The little town of Lumsden is perhaps like many little towns on the prairies. People going about their Saturday morning chores and such, and you could smell the aromas from the local smoke house.

Craven is much smaller than Lumsden and is the site of a Country and Western Music Festival in a couple of weeks. I was very impressed on the facilities in place to welcome about 30,000 folks in the campgrounds. I’m sure they must have a great time and make quite an economic impact on the little community.

Silton is even smaller than Craven, just a cross-roads and a handful of buildings.

By the time we reached Saskatchewan Beach it was getting close to noon and we were starting to get hungry. We were in luck! The local plumbing supply company was hosting a free barbeque so we joined the fun. Great burger and friendly people to talk to. One couple we met, Sherri Gybulski and Ron Gates, had a cabin at the lake and told us the background for the free barbeque. With the significant rainfall and high water levels for the past few years there has been considerable erosion on the shoreline resulting in many property owners loosing their docks, their foreshore and some their buildings. The local community officials required everyone to convert from the supplied natural gas line to propane. Hence, the free barbeque provided by the local plumbing company. Free enterprise in action.

Sheri and Ron at Saskatchewan Beach

As an extra item, Sherri and Ron are going to the football game this evening and they also know the Minister, Ken Cheveldayoff, whom we met on Wednesday, and further more, Ken has seats at the stadium very close to Sherri and Ron. Small world.