July 13 – Alexander Graham Bell National Historic Site


We are staying in Brantford, Ontario with my niece, Lyn and Randy, and today we visited the National Historic Site for Alexander Graham Bell, the inventor of the telephone.

The Bell family home in Brantford, Ontario
Historic plaque at the site

Alexander was the middle of three sons. His parents emigrated from Scotland after loosing several family members to tuberculosis; their oldest son and his son, and their youngest son.

This round table was the only furniture that the Bell family brought with them from Scotland.
The conservatory/green house. Mrs. Bell started her plants and herbs to transplant to the garden in the spring.
A pleasant place to have a cool glass of lemonade in the summer.

Alexander developed his ideas and prototype for the telephone while living in this house with his parents.

Replicas of early prototypes of the telephone

We were touring the house and came across a group of people in the dining room observing a large copper plate that was being displayed by one of them. The copper plate turned out to be a family heirloom with names engraved on the face of the plate. By chance, we had the pleasure of meeting a descendent of Alexander Graham Bell who was visiting from Boston, MA; the Great, Great Granddaughter of Alexander, Elsie Myers Martin. Elsie explained her family connection and we then toured the facility with Elsie and her husband. I was very pleased when Elsie agreed to have a photo with our Canada Flag (our photographer was her husband).

Bob, Lyn, Elsie, tour guide, Valerie