July 4 – Alberta Legislative Building in Edmonton and Leduc #1

The Alberta Legislature building in Edmonton is built along the banks of the North Saskatchewan River.  My cousin, Jack, was hosting our visit in Edmonton and he came along with us to help with the Canada Flag on the steps of the legislature. I don’t see Jack too often but when we do get together it is always nice to hear how our families are doing, and now also the grand children.

We needed a photographer and noticed a young couple in the area. He accepted the challenge and our photo was taken by Jacob. It turns out his girlfriend was from Hamilton.

Quite elaborate on the interior design with lots of marble and ornate decorations.

Several young families were visiting and it was nice to see them with the young children being introduced to the government in a friendly way. The children will not likely remember the details of the visit but may later recall that it was a good thing to do.

Many cities have various kinds of “water features” in the downtown area and are usually only for show. Edmonton allows people to enjoy the water in the reflection pool in front of the Legislature. The water appeared to be only knee deep so there was very little risk involved. The tree lined boulevard was surely welcomed by everyone on this hot summer day.

Friendly security was helpful and this fellow really seemed to enjoy being able to offer information and suggestions to all the folks that came by.

Oil, oil, oil; synonymous with Alberta. The oil industry in Alberta really began in 1947 with the discovery of oil at drill site Leduc #1. That well changed forever the economic and social development of Alberta.

The first well in Alberta to hit oil; Leduc #1