July 30 – St. John’s – Screech In


Delta Hotel

colourful buildings

a long walk through St. John’s

rainy day


We ended up at the Colonial Building, which was built in 1850, where we met a nice man on a walk with his two children. He seemed quite pleased when we asked him to take our photograph.  We didn’t have our Canada Flag so a hardy wave had to do.

Government House


Valerie signed the guest register at Government House.

This plaque is about the last of the indigenous people based on the island of Newfoundland. The Beothuk people of the land were here before the Europeans arrived around 1500. Their demise is not well known or taught across the country. They lived only on the island of Newfoundland. They are no more.


party town

Kitchen Party

Screeched In kiss the cod


air traffic controller – Gander Oceanic


her cousin, who is a helicopter pilot, arrived a while later and joined the party. He had taken some of his early training at Boundary Bay airport then later advanced helicopter training at Abbotsford.

party time

the family invited us to join them 



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