August 5 – Ottawa (Rockcliffe) to Brantford, Ontario

The morning weather had changed significantly with mostly clear skies and some fair weather cumulus clouds.

After a good weather briefing we departed Rockcliffe airport flying  VFR to the village of Cumberland, just 12 miles down the Ottawa River. We lived there for five years so it seemed like a good idea to take a look at the neighbourhood and the house where we used to live. The new owners have added a pool; that sure would have been nice during the hot Ontario summers.

ForeFlight showed a much better picture than yesterday.

We filed IFR at 10,000 feet to Brantford. The cloud tops were at 6,000 feet later increasing to 8,000 feet so we were in the clear but there was a 25 knot headwind.

After passing Toronto ATC cleared us down to 3,000 feet and were bouncing around below the base of the clouds. 

Rocking and rolling on the approach to Brantford with strong gusty surface winds making the approach and landing challenging. We appreciated our earlier practice at Abbotsford on windy days.

Tied down at Brantford for a couple of days visiting family.