October 5 – Tofino, British Columbia

Today we flew from Abbotsford to Tofino, Long Beach Airport, on the west coast of Vancouver Island.

We had tried on June 29 and were unable to get here for our Canada 150 Kick-Off because there was fog all along the west coast of Vancouver Island. When that fog settles in sometimes it lasts for days. We might have missed getting here for the “Kick-Off” but I guess you can say we made it to our “Touchdown”.

Approaching Long Beach Airport


Long Beach Airport


We parked at the terminal for Long Beach Airport, small but very nice for the island community.

We had made arrangements with Orca Airways for transportation to the beach for pictures with our Canada Flag. Thanks to Charles Champenhet we had a short ride to the beach and he was also our photographer, what a nice young man.


Here we are at Long Beach on the west coast of Vancouver Island overlooking the Pacific Ocean.


Pacific Ocean gently rolling in. The sand here is so fine and clean and packs real hard. Some beaches near here are occassionally used for mini-flyins. The guys with tail draggers meet up and have a beach BBQ. Sounds like fun but not the kind of operation suitable for the Turbo Arrow.


On departure from Tofino we climbed out over the Pacific Ocean then headed east toward Port Alberni.


On our way to Port Ablerni. Here is where the situational awareness is enhanced with the amazing display of terrain. 

flew to Port Albernie (CBS8)

Garmin GNS 530 enhances situational awareness with terrain feature

Port Albernie had a lot of construction recently with a new runway extension fully paved mainly to accommodate a Boeing 737. The company at the airport is modifying older B737 aircraft from Southwest Airlines, to be water bombers, the first such modification in the world. Quite an accomplishment for a little airport on Vancouver Island.

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