August 3 – Canada Aviation and Space Museum

One of our most anticipated planned stops was to visit the Canada Aviation and Space Museum in Ottawa. Kevin Psutka kindly provided transportation and was our personal guide in the museum. Kevin was the previous president of t the Canadian Owners and Pilots Association and for several years provided leadership for that great organization.

Here’s a sampling of the many aircraft on display:

Avro Arrow
I couldn’t resist having a photo since the aircraft carries my initials.


Avro Lancaster Bomber
I first saw this aircraft in 1968 when I was here with the Air Cadets.

de Havilland Beaver
Here is a remarkable Canadian aviation icon; the de Havilland Beaver Serial Number 1. I flew this type of aircraft on amphibious floats when I was with Transport Canada in Vancouver.

MacDonald Douglas CF-101 Voodoo
Kevin was in the Canadian Armed Forces as a fighter pilot and he flew this very CF-101 on operations.

Douglas DC-3
When we lived in Ottawa my son, Chris, was in Cubs and for one of their outings we bicycled to the museum along the Ottawa River Parkway. There were various fun activities, we watched an aviation movie then slept overnight in the museum. We could pick any place for our sleeping bags so we chose under the wing of this aircraft. It was a real fun experience for a bunch of little boys.


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