July 21 – Quebec City to Fredricton

Thunderstorms were still in the area so again our mid-day departure  from Quebec was delayed to allow nature to run its course. The Arrow had a real good washing then the sun came out for the drying cycle.

We finally got underway and were flying in good visual conditions with smooth air between the now distant thunderstorms that were still along our route but moving south-eastward. Continued deviations north kept us well away from those nasties with our actual track over 30 nautical miles left of our planned direct routing. Climbing higher above the scattered clouds allowed us to better see where the thunderstorms were and the Stormscope displayed the lightning activity way off in the distance.

The Stormscope helps occasionally in British Columbia but once you are east of the Rocky Mountains there’s often weather systems with lots of thunderstorms and lightning so the Stormscope helps in making strategic decisions to avoid that mean weather. Crushing at 11,500 feet we picked up a 40 knot tailwind to speed us along the way with ground speeds approaching 200 knots.

Fredericton had received their share of the weather activity but by the time we arrived all had passed by and the skies were wide open.


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