July 21 – Parliament Building of Quebec in Quebec City

Quebec City is our sixth stop at a provincial capital visiting the provincial legislature buildings. Now we are more than half way there in our quest to visit all ten provincial capitals. We have been welcomed by a Provincial Minister in Regina and a Special Assistant to a Minister in Winnipeg and had photos with those folks, sometimes on the steps of the building and sometimes inside the building, with our Canada Flag.

 This beautiful city is very easy to enjoy the old charm of Europe. We stayed in a real nice quaint boutique hotel only a short walk through the old city gates to the provincial legislature buildings.

As we had found in Victoria, there was some construction on the legislature building so we were not able to go right up to the steps at the front entrance.  Our Canada Flag photo was taken outside the construction fencing. The work should be completed for next year’s tourist season.

In Quebec, the provincial legislature building is called the Parliament Building of Quebec and houses the National Assembly of Quebec.

We walked around to the west side of the building to the entrance that was open for public access. Like the other legislature buildings, security screening is in place prior to entrance, much like airport security.

The folks at security were very pleasant and I mentioned our trip across the country and the photo ops with our Canada Flag at the other legislature buildings. I had been carrying the flag in a “flag bag” (sometimes known as a “Man Purse” or “Murse”) and motioned to the security of my intention to take a photo of the Canada Flag inside the building in the legislature chamber. We were informed very emphatically that we were not allowed to display our Canada Flag inside the building nor to photograph the Canada Flag inside the building. The discussion seemed to be less positive as it had been at first.

A guided tour was offered, however we decided we could see as much of the building as we wanted in our own time.




There was a Quebec provincial flag but no Canada Flag.

The National Assembly had a Crucifix on the wall behind the seat of the Speaker. 

The only Canada Flag that we saw in the building was in the Senate Chamber.


Our observations of the Canada Flag and the crucifix causes one to reflect on the meaning of “Canadian” and the structure of government including separation of “church and state”.



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