July 20 – Montreal – Special Family Visit and Air Cadets

The years are going by faster now and we find it even more  important than ever to hold on to family moments. Valerie wanted to visit with her Aunt Marie Paul in Montreal so me made a special effort to meet with her at her seniors residence.  She has a very nice appartment overlooking the Montreal River and she said she was very comfortable and well looked after at this facility. As can be expected at her aunt’s age, there are some medical issues the she is facing but still she is sharp and witty as ever. We were able to have a meal together and discuss the family members of the past, our family in the present, and the new generation of family members on the way.

Special family visit with Valerie’s Aunt Marie Paul.


Air Cadets at St. Hubert Airport

We found there are many way to celebrate Canada 150 and at ChronoAviation, St. Hubert Airport, Montreal, Quebec, they had painted one of their Beech 1900 aircraft with a special Canada 150 paint scheme. I think the paint job looks quite nice.

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