August 2 – Meet the Minister then to Charlottetown and Fredericton

The early morning was not too much better than yesterday. Yesterday the issue was frontal weather and thunder storms, and today the issue is air mass weather with a northeast wind off the Atlantic Ocean giving very low clouds and very limited visibility. Our departure was delayed by several hours.

On the way to the airport we visited the Newfoundland Confederation Building and met with Minister Christopher Mitchelmore. His portfolio is Minister of Tourism, Industry, and Innovation. The Minister greeted us at the main entrance then gave us an in-depth tour of the Legislature. Our photos of the Canada Flag in the Legislature were kindly taken by our taxi driver.

The weather had improved enough by noon for a safe departure so I filed IFR at 8,000 feet St. John’s to Charlottetown. We were on top by 6,000 feet in the clear blue sky. As we flew westward along the southern shore of Newfoundland the clouds below us began to break up and by Port aux Basques the sky was clear. For the over water portion to Cape Breton it was up to 10,000 feet to give us better “options”.

In Charlottetown we had a quick lunch, refuelled, then departed for our flight to Fredericton at 8,500 feet in very good smooth VFR conditions.